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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hide and seek

The sun beams down on me 
as I run 
and find a place to hide.
In the distance
 I can hear the soft echo 
of the teachers 
counting to hundred.
I find a good bush 
that I can hide in.
The leaves bite me
  when I make my way though.
How long will it take them to find me?
I have to be quiet!
birds chirp in the trees
 that tower above me. 
It sounds just like a choir.
Should I move to a different hiding spot?
I can't move now it's too late.
The ivy Crawls up my leg
 giving me the urge to scratch.
Why did I hide here?
I have to stay down.
The mutters of people beside me 
are going to give away my hiding spot. 
But it's too late.
The sound of footsteps
 come closer and closer. 
They hesitate before they say 
 found you Madie. 

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