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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How to manage your parents

This year my speech was on embarrassing parents and  how to manage them. While we were writing our speeches we were learning about rhetorical questions, imperatives and repetition lots more that would make our speeches great. I did this by starting with a rhetorical question and used the imperative “picture this” and repetition of the words “sugar plum”. 
We also worked on the speech structure; what I mean is you should have a hook, three main examples and an ending as a structure. My speech was also well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure. And all of my ideas connect to my point of view and include factual information. I think I went pretty well because I was able to use most of these things and use all things I needed In speech structure. I think I went really well with giving my speech and I worked really hard and that paid off because I came 1st place.

Please click here to hear my speech enjoy. 


Have your parents ever embarrassed  you? Maybe it was in front of your friends or  visiting family from overseas, or even worse, somewhere public like the mall. It causes your face to go bright red like a strawberry. It feels like time has stopped. And you notice everyone's eyes are riveted onto your Dad, and then you. You take one hesitant step back and in your head your thinking you did not just call me sugar plum.

Well it doesn't have to be this way. We have to stand up to our parents and tell them to stop embarrassing us In Front of our friends and in public. And do you know why? It could change the way our life works. Here's a few tips on how to manage your embarrassing situations to do with your parents. 

Picture this. You have your friends at your house for a birthday party, full of balloons and streamers all around. The next song comes on - one of your favourites - you and your friends start dancing. But before you know it,  guess who's on the dance floor, hips swinging left and right. Your mum. And you think to yourself ‘I didn't invite you to come dance with us’. 

Imagine what could happen? Your friends could spread a rumour that your mum is some dancing freak. That would make you so embarrassed.But how do you manage your parents? Well this is how I  would manage mine. Would you start yelling at your mum to stop dancing? and let your friends see you yelling at you mum? No way.  Just calmly say “Oh look, someone's here Mum” and go and get them to say hello to someone - in other words a distraction. 

Or let’s say you're at a swimming competition. You’re in cold water and the sound of kids yelling goes through one ear and echoes out the other. But even better you can hear a familiar voice yelling “Go honey! or “Go pumpkin!” you feel a wave of embarrassment wash over you.

 Frustration takes over. You think to yourself  they aren't my parents. Ok this time you can't really stay calm. Here's a tip for this situation. Wait till you get home then have a serious conversation and say in a firm voice stop calling me pumpkin and honey, just stop.  This would make them feel guilty and make them see that it embarrass you.

Or one that probably you have experienced once or twice, you say to your “Dad I'm bored!” and they go “Hi, nice to meet you bored, I'm  Dad.” This makes me so angry, really I don't know how to handle this situation without my head exploding! You could say be serious!*errgg no! or maybe go tell mum! *mm that won't do anything. The best thing to do in this situation is to play it cool and just walk away otherwise it will just encourage to do it more because the think it's soooo funny.

We all have an embarassing moments, most of them are probably connected to our parents but we got to love them. Sometimes they're pretty embarrassing but most of the time they're pretty awesome. But next time your parents embarrass you in front of others just remember to use these tips. Use the distraction tactic to re-direct them onto something else, or tell them in a firm voice to stop what they are doing to embarrass you. And last but not least, play it cool and walk away. If you use these tips your life could become much easier.  Do you have any ideas on how to manage your parents because I would love to know so then I am prepared next time my dad calls me sugar plum.

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