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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term one arts learning


This term I have been learning about the elements of music. To show this learning I created a soundscape based on a poem I wrote about Reefton.

My soundscape is relational because, in my poem I talked about all of the birds and the wind. I used tone colour to add texture and sounds using a range of instruments, tempo to add some speed and dynamics to add loud and quiet volume. I whistled to create a bird sound, used paper to create a wind sound that all connected to my poem.

Overall I felt that I did well and I really enjoyed doing it all.

Go check out this link it is my soundscapešŸ‘‰šŸ»

Where is my happy place?
Where the waterfalls bungee jump off the rocks on a cool summers day.
Where the toe toe dances in the breeze.
Where the rivers sprint over the rocks 
and the smell of damp leaves and pine needles surrounds you.
Where the fantails sing a sweet song as you walk by.
That is my happy place.

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