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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where's my happy place?

Where the waterfalls bungee jump off the rocks on a cool summers day.
Where the toe toe dances in the breeze.
Where the rivers sprint over the rocks 
and the smell of damp leaves and pine needles surrounds you.
Where the fantails sing a sweet song as you walk by.
That is my happy place.


  1. Wow Maddie this is so increadable.
    This poem makes me feel calm and relaxed.
    I love how you make me feel calm when I read through this.
    I feel so happy and breezy when you say this part " where the waterfalls bungee jump of the rocks on a cool summers day" You really did make the waterfall connect to a human. This really connects to my life because I have done something similar to bungee jumping, I also remember jumping in the leafs when I was little with my nana and those leaves smelt all damp to.
    Maddie, this poem makes me feel so emotional.
    Heaps of luck, Beth

  2. Amazing Maddie.
    Your poem reminded me of all the great memories that i have had all through my life while I read it. I think your poem made tones of people relaxed and calm and also reminded them about the great memories that they may or not have forgotten.
    I love the image that came in my head when I read "where waterfalls bungee jump off the rocks on a cool summer day."
    Your an amazing poem writer so I hope you carry on doing these fabulous poems.