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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Looks can be deceiving

Can you remember a time where you felt so embarrassed that all your blood  goes 

to your face and you know you’ve turned bright red? Maybe you slipped 

over in front of the whole class and they laugh or maybe you fell over and 

grazed all of you nose and forehead and you look so weird and everyone 

stares at you . In these moments you feel like you could just curl up and die. 

I'd been embarrassed before - once I slipped and my undies showed, and once 

I forgot about mufti day - but NOTHING compares to this.

It was a hot spring day and my mum was walking me into the classroom like 

she usually would. She would always come and read my writing and I would 

explain what we were doing she would help me on writing that I needed to 

finish and we would unpack my bag then she would give me   a big hug and 

kiss and a wave goodbye before she left.

But today was different. I was going to visit my old teacher, mrs Templeton. I 

loved her so much because she would help when I needed it and she was 

always there when I needed her.

I strode into her classroom, and the memories started flooding back to me 

and all the times where me and my friends used to listen to songs, to dance to 

at lunch.

The classroom  was full of people that morning. There were lots of families, 

probably helping out like my mum always did. 

Then I spotted her.  I recognised her by her long black hair.  I started to run 

over to her I opened my arms wide and hugged her tight.  My hands wrapped 

around her softly. Has she put on weight? Her rose scented 

perfume tickled my nose. She doesn't usually smell like that.   

Weird, why wasn't she hugging me back? I looked up at her. Wait. That's not 

Mrs Templeton's face. In fact, that's not mrs Templeton. 

 I was so embarrassed. I stood there hugging this random person - I had 

no idea who she was.

 I unhooked my hands from her waist, and stepped back quickly. 
I'm so sorry I said that's ok she replied, smiling at me sweetly.  I said sorry 

once again, ran off to my mum and clung to her.

I kept glancing back to the lady I had thrown myself at. I was so 

embarrassed. And I never actually got to see my teacher that morning 

because I just ran off. That day I learnt a valuable lesson that you should 

always look twice before you go through with something.

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