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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Orienteering at camp

I look around me at the lush green grass that sways in the wind. I can see old rusty cabins and picnic tables. I hear laughter and the teacher saying time to go orienteering. We run towards forest.

I feel the dirt track under my feet, the forest reminds me of when my nana takes me on bush walks. I can hear the birds chirping and my friends, Mana and Soraya saying "can you see any of the markers." We go over a bridge. I can hear the sound of trickling water. We keep on walking, the trees towering over us as we go up a dirt hill, which crumbles at our feet. In behind the trees we find marker 18. "Yay!" Soraya cheers.

In the distance we could just make out tents though the bushes and road.  I wonder where the others are? As we go on looking I feel so happy.

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  1. Maddy great piece of writing! I like how you said "the tree towering over us as we go up a dirt hill which crumble at our feet." You used great deseibing words.
    Keep up the great work