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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts reflection

SThis term we have been learning about the arts. Yesterday the whole school went into the city to perform acts,dances, and more. It went will for me because I got to everything on time and that I spoke loudly. My highlights were watching the other acts and doing my speech in the library. My proudest and most exciting moment was not making any mistakes and doing the dance at the end.

I was involving the audience by looking at them and speaking loudly. This helped the audience connect with me because they looked back at me and clapped at the end. This made me feel good and  happy because it meant that they were watching and that they enjoyed it.

I saw whaƱaungatanga through these connections because there family coming and saying how good they were.

The community responded to my performance by looking and clapping. I said to the people who watched "Thanks for watching. Did you enjoy it?"  They said that they enjoy it and how good they thought it was.

I can connect this to my community through the arts in my own life by doing more things to connect to the community after the term ends like doing acting and to perform or to dance. 

This is someone going up and hugging their family, showing whaƱaungatanga 
This is

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