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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

science reflection

This term I showed many qualities of a good scientist. Here are some qualities I used:

Using Evidence
  • Testing water temperature
  • Checking for erosion
  • Testing water clarity and turbidity
  • Recording my findings.                 

Making decisions
  • On if the water was healthy or not
  • On what trees to plant

Being curious

  • Wondering what bugs are what
  • Making notes

Being honest

  • On if the healthy or not      

  • Went to different places to get information.

We also did projects. I worked with Beth. we choose to improve the stormwater drain. We researched plants and trees to see which ones would be right for the area.  We also did a design of how it is now and what it could look like.

this is my Gantt chart

This is my struggle

this is some of our project.

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